May 2016   
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God calls us to strengthen our faith

while we share with others

the transforming love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

as guided by the Holy Spirit.

                                          Welcome to Pentecost

The Spirit of the Living God

May brings the celebration of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. We then celebrate the Trinitarian theology on Memorial weekend. The Holy Spirit remains active in our Christians faith although many people believe that the Spirit only empowered the early church to grow. The Holy Spirit comes to empower believers in every time and place to proclaim the power of Christ.

As we spring into a new season of the Christian year, let us recall the spiritual power in the early church and seek God’s continual power to change our world. The Spirit of the Living God wants to shower you with love to share the Good News of God to your neighbors and friends. The Spirit of God will help us grow and mature in our faith so that we are more confident to tell our story of faith.

The Holy Spirit is alive, well, and working in the lives of ordinary Christians just like you.  The Spirit is potent and very effective in creating change in us and others. The Spirit of God  dramatically changes your life. Maybe you’ve experienced the Holy Spirit, but that was years ago when the Spirit encouraged you to accept Christ as your personal Savior.  The Spirit of God opens our heart to welcome the gift of Christ so we may believe that Jesus is Lord.

The Spirit of God is alive and working in the lives of believers today.  Spiritual construction improves our walk with Jesus Christ our Lord, and transforms us into useful servants of God.  Pentecost offers us an opportunity to ask God to fill our lives with spiritual power to share our experience of God’s transforming love to our neighbors. 

Grace and peace,


Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Jones
Minister of Word and Sacrament

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